Top 6 Perfume for this Autumn 2021

Like any other season – it’s got to make you smell good. But autumn is special because it usually has the flavours of its two predecessors (spring and summer) combined with its own unique spices, scents, and traits.

It is not too hot or cold; if you keep your perfume for this autumn on the lighter side, you won’t run the risk of offending anyone’s nose, nor will you have to worry about marinating yourself in a thick cloud of scent.

Summer is technically over but its notes still echo through autumn scents: fresh and fruity notes come from summer fruits that still remain ripe on trees or bushes during autumn, while spicier notes come from the summer heat lingering on.

If you want something that’s light, sweet, and crisp enough to accompany your morning coffee then this list may come in handy.

But if you’re looking for something more sultry… well, look elsewhere. There are plenty of other perfumes out there catering to your needs!

Here are the top 5 perfumes for this autumn:


– Notes: Leaves, wood and musk

This perfume is definitely one of the lightest ones on this list so it’s perfect for those looking for something that won’t overwhelm anyone around them. It opens with fresh, spicy accords before settling down to its base notes of sweet woods and musk. It’s a perfume that is light enough to not overshadow any other scents you may be wearing, but heavy enough so as not to disappear right away. Check price: Parfums De Marly samples


– Notes: Spices and woods

Penhaligons is a British perfume house known for its woody and oriental notes, and Autumn Collection: 1901 is no exception. It starts off with an assertive spicy note that quickly mellows down to reveal the light, dry undertones of the perfume. It’s a slightly powdery scent with a hint of sweet woodiness. Its name is inspired by Queen Victoria’s visit to Penhaligon Castle, a place located near where she commissioned a special edition bottle for her husband Albert using water from a nearby well. Check price: Penhaligons samples


– Notes: Rose and iris

Kilian’s perfumes are known for their spicy, oriental notes that have a hint of sweetness to them. If you’re looking for something heavy but not overpowering for this autumn, then Sweet Redemption is perfect for you.

It starts off with a spicy, tangy note that gives way to the powdery sweetness of its base notes. Its smokey hint of iris makes this perfume an excellent choice for those looking for something mysterious and romantic. Check price: Kilian perfume samples


– Notes: Incense and vanilla

The name of the perfume is a pun of sorts for this brand’s “story of seduction”, which involves an angel being cast from heaven to dwell amongst men. The scent itself is heavy and sweet with alluring accents of white flowers, dried fruits, and wood. It opens with a fruity note that dries down to its base of vanilla and incense. Check price: BYREDO perfume samples


– Notes: Tuberose, sandalwood and musk

Frederic Malle is a French Perfume House known for its modern approach towards perfume making – it’s not afraid to push boundaries by creating new ways of smelling good using ingredients that are both classic and innovative at the same time. Its perfumes are also unique and incredibly complex – some reviews say that the “notes” of a certain perfume can change depending on who’s wearing it, or how it’s being used (e.g., sprayed on clothes vs skin).

Sunset Boulevard is for those who want an exotic, oriental scent. It opens with a spicy note and dries down to a musky, powdery base. It’s also perfect for those who want something that smells good on their clothes as well as their skin. Check price: FREDERIC MALLE perfume samples


erfumes can be a bit of an investment especially if you want to make sure that you’ll only get high-quality ones from reputable brands. In this case, it’s definitely worth spending more as the high price point is usually indicative of the brand’s quality as well as its prestige. Some stores may also have free or steeply discounted samples, so it’s always good to take advantage of these opportunities. Just make sure that the place where you’ll purchase your perfume has a strong return policy in case you don’t like what you bought.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but they are definitely great perfumes for this autumn! Again, keep in mind that some smells can be subjective, so it’s best to try out a sample before spending your hard-earned money on something that you might not like. Just make sure that whatever perfume you choose smells good on you and that they match the kind of impression that you want to give off.

The list above has been compiled by Fragrances Line experts who have tried these perfumes!